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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New findings and misunderstandings

I’m in braids now. Had them in since the beginning of Feb.and plan to keep them until the end of march. I have been following the same braid reg as before and have been using mn and my sulfur oil every other day. Also redoing a few braids here and there so they can stay neat. My braids slip so easily it looks like i have 2 months worth of new growth. They don't look bad though.

After I take these out I will continue to hide my hair until the summertime. That is the only time that I can wear my hair out constantly without a problem. I cowash daily which my hair loves and I wear alot of sleeveless shirts. (I cant wait!) My protective styles will be cornrows/flat twists and phony ponies alternated weekly.

I had a setback over the past few months. It started with a bad rollerset, the ends began to break off. I haven't gained much length since Nov. My measurements as of the end of Jan are:

back 8"

sides & middle 9"

front 10"

I have been using a ruler to measure and I finally got a tape measure. It turns out that my measurements were about 2" off. So APL is actually 11" and BSL is actually 14". The thing is that even with my measurements being completely messed up I will still make my goal of MBL by the end of the year, unless I have some major setbacks which hopefully wont happen. My shortest piece is 8" so I need 3" to be APL and another 3" to be BSL based on the measurements above.

I want to do another rollerset in may. I am still attempting to perfect my technique. What does not work for me is; less products, blowout before and after, combing when finished. What does work is; very well conditioned and moisturized hair, a little setting lotion, completely drying, flat ironed roots. What I want to try are; ponytail sets, silk wrap, different moisturizers. I do also want to get a new flat iron, one with full ceramic plates. If I can find one for cheap I will get it otherwise I will get a maxiglide.

One more thing I wanted to try is henna and cassia. I plan on adding it to the reggi for conditioning benefits and possibly color. Also those henna tattoos are beautiful.

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