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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Winter time blues

My hair is making me crazy. Because its so cold out i cant wash like I want to, and its breaking like crazy. I put it in cornrows for two weeks cause school started and i didn't have the time to deal with it. I think I will do the same thing that I did last summer. I am going to braid it up again till it gets warmer. I am going to do a rollerset this weekend to see the length then do a protein treatment and put back in my infamous two strand twists. this time I will make them longer. I plan on keeping them in for at least one or two months. the longer the better. My hair is thickening up like crazy also.
I stretched a piece and I am actually grazing APL. :D YAY!! I didn't do an actual measurement yet but, will do before i put it up in the braids.
Still taking my vits. iron, 500mg msm and epo, 2mg biotin, b complex. Using mtg and mn not too often I'll say twice a week. I haven't measured since i was taking them so i don't really know how much they have been helping. one thing i can say is that i am seeing more and more baby hairs popping up which is really good and bad at the same time. Its becoming more and more difficult to get through the new growth.
I have decided not to texturize again. when i reach MBL I will chop off the remainder of the relaxed hair. it doesn't look bad, its just hard to handle the different textures. if it was all one texture i wouldn't have a hard time getting the comb through it at all.
I still need to figure out how to stop the breakage i have been having. I know it not moisturized properly because it only feels right when I cowash it daily. I don't want to wash every night because putting it in a wet ponytail so often is also contributing to my breakage. Maybe i could just smooth some conditioner on it every night for the same effect. Ill figure it out.

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