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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

For new years I have decided to straighten my hair out. I washed and DC. Instead of rollersetting, I blowdried it and then flat ironed it. It came out so fabulous! I moisturized it with africas best sheabutter, and used silk elements heat protectent.
I cannot even begin to explain how soft, bouncy and pretty it is. I am moisturizing with my butter, cone blend and I plan to wear it for a good two weeks. when I wash this out I plan on doing an aphogee treatment and DC overnight with eqp dpr and lekair.
Back into the pony I will go.

Also I am two inches past APL! yay!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Phony ponies for life!

I wore that sew in for a total of two and a half weeks. I dont know why I wanted to take it out so quick, it was really cute and I loved the color. I just got tired of it I guess. I have been wearing my new curly phony. I absolutely love this thing. I had the same one before in the color #2, but some one stole it. this one is a #4. I like this color better.

My phony pony reg. is the same as before basically. The only thing is I am washing like once a week instead of every other day. I am making my ponies a little tighter so they will last longer and scarfing it faithfully.

I am doing the baggy thing underneath. I am using suave humecant, aphogee reconstructor and castor oil. I am thinking of adding a little hair grease to the roots to help stop it from drying out. I have been using castor oil and so far so good.

I am probably going to wear this till I decide to put in my 27 piece and after. I have been wanting to do this weave for a long time. I didn't do it yet because I am afraid I will look crazy. I will do it sometime within the next few weeks though, probably after exams.

I am cutting little by little, getting rid of these texturized ends. the back is actually APL. yay! But that will be gone soon when I decide to go to the salon to get it straightened.

I havent measured in a couple months but will do in Dec.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My sew in/ wig and purchase

I did my sew in this past weekend. It is really cute. A short bob cut a little under ear length. I used two colors a 2 and a 33. I got alot of complements. The colors are mixed in the bang and the back is solod 33 on the bottom and solid 2 on top.

I made the sew in kind of like a wig. Sewed the hair on a net cap so I can take it on and off as I please. My hair is braided underneath. I cowash my own hair every 2-3 days let it air dry and put back on the wig. I wrap the weave every night with a little moisturizer/oil. Comb it all out in the morning.

I used harlem 125 hair, cheap, but good enough. The hair is really soft and shiney.

I made a huge purchase! I finally bought the pibbs 514 hair dryer. I cost me $270. Not bad. I could have got a used on off ebay for $200 but was outbid. Damn!! More rollersets for the winter!

Monday, October 15, 2007


So I went to the dominican salon on saturday to get a rollerset and flat iron so I could go out that night. When I got there took off my scarf, my hair was wet with some motions cpr, she said "oh you are natural, we are going to charge extra." Im like "ok how much." "$40" she says, "but we are not going to rollerset it we are going to blow dry it straight." Me: "But that is not what I want I just want a rollerset with the roots flatironed, I do it all the time at home" them: "We dont do that here to natural hair" And I got up and left.

I cannot express to you how angry I was I was really looking forward to someone else doing my hair. No one but me has been in my head in years. So I went home and got to work. It took me the whole day because I fell asleep, and I had to make a heat protectant, cause the fantasia always messes me up.

The end result was so nice and smooth, soft. The only problem I had was the front reverted a little. Its not as straight as I would like. But overall Im good the comb glides through so easy, no breakage, nothing. I gave myself a little trim, also.

My homemade heat protectant is a buttery soft blend it absorbs into the hair without that greasy feeling. It consists of: shea and mango butter, palm, sweet almond, and castor oil, and alot of dimethicone. It is actually the best silicone based product I have used, very moisturizing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Matted mess!

Today I am in the process of taking out my braids. I loved them so much and I could have worn them for another month or so but it was time for them to go. They were cute but they were too much maintenance. If i didn't wash them every day or so they would look a mess, dry and tangled. But after a good cowash and detangle they were bangin!
Now what happened to them was I washed them one night, put it in a bun and went to sleep. That was the biggest mistake I could have made. When I woke up the next morning the crap was so matted I couldn't even get my ponytail holder out! So, I started by cutting off all the weave hair and now I am halfway finished taking out the braids.

The takedown:
1. Remove all braids
2. Deep condition with oil and lekair
3. Carify with suave or CON
4. DC again with a mixture of cond.
5. If necessary do a protein treatment with aphogee and DC again
6. air dry and examine hair for strength, moisture, breakage, ect...

I want to go to the Dominicans for a wash, set, and trim. I will go if the funds allow me, maybe this weekend I will. I'm supposed to be going out to the club so we will see.

My next hair style will be a homemade wig with short hair, two colors, dark on top and light at the bottom. I am going to sew the hair onto a weave net so I will be able to take it off freely. I am also going to try the fermodyl 619 while wearing the weave. Hopefully this one will last me a good two months.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Lace Braids

It took me about a week to finish them. I did a few braids each day. All in all they look really nice. I have gotten alot of compliments, so I am happy, except I slacked off hard in the middle. I will be redoing the braids every so often and I am hoping to wear them until the end of the semester.

I cut alot off before I put them in and when I take them out I am definitely going to go to the salon (dominican or white) to get a really good even cut.

I dont know why but my scalp is really painful when I touch it. My braids are really loose, I did that on purpose so that cant be why. The only thing that I can think of is that I am having a growth spurt. All the hair is pushing out at the same time, and when I say this hurts.....

Back on the vits. I stopped taking them for like 2 weeks, being lazy:(.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CHOP CHOP CHOP!!!!!!!!!!


My plan will be as follows:
1. wash and DC
2. blow dry the hair out
3. chop off all split, thin, texturized ends!
4. start on the lace braids

The main reason for doing the chop before the braids are in is so I won't have to do it after because there will probably be more damage. This will be my second BIG CHOP I did my first one in may of 2006 after transitioning out of a relaxer for a year. My biggest mistake was texturizing right after instead of learning my natural hair. After this chop I should have 1 year and 3 months worth of growth. That is about 7.5". Hopefully I will have a little more than that because of the vits.
I promise I will not texturize my hair again. I am going to take pics of the entire process and try to get my fotki up and running. I have No time for any thing. I am starting my 3rd year of college next week! Wow, time really flies it was just May!

I bought two flexi 8 clips ($30). I am in love these things are so nice I got a medium one for my half ups and a large one for my ponys and stuff. I was a little upset because I thought they were going to be a little bit bigger than they were. The large is not big enough for my french rolls, so I think I am going to buy two more, this time an extra large. My hair ain't even that long and it's not as thick as it used to be. I just don't get it.lolol

Since the sewin I have done flat twists and knot twists w/ a knot ball to the side. In between the styles I have been cowashing daily and using the flexi8 large for a loose tails up/ french roll. I am trying to keep the ends protected till its time for them to go.
Just a few more days! good bye for now.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The beginning of something new!

My splurge on butters and oils has led me to start something new. I am planning on starting an ebay store selling my home made body and hair lotions, butters, and oils. I have created a few formulas and gave out a few samples. Needless to say the enjoyed the product. I am looking to start off small and work my way up into a profitable business.
The products will be moderately priced. They will not contain any mineral oil, petroleum, or parabens. They will be all natural and gentle enough for use on a baby's skin.

The products I will start off with will be as follows:
1.a few body massage oils with different scents
2. two hair oils one with EOs and one without. No sulfur oil yet.
3. Body lotions and hair lotions

I'm going to start off slow because I have alot going on right now. I am hoping to build this into a really profitable business that will benefit others as well as myself.

About the hair...
I am in the sew in now. Its been two weeks so far. The weave is curly with two colors layered, #4 and #30. The color is pretty, but then I always wear these two colors when I have a weave in. I am planning on wearing this for another 4 weeks, maybe more. I'm hoping to have 1/2-3/4" worth of growth when I take this out. I am using the sulfur oil every other day also. Going to continue to protect my hair like crazy to keep these ends nice.
I am still debating on when to get my hair cut. I am wondering If I should do it before I put in the braids or after. I think I just might end up doing it before like in August or September. whatever. Ill figure it out when I get there. I think that the longer I put it off the worse it will end up being so I may cut when I take the weave out.

Friday, July 06, 2007

My July purchases

Today I splurged a little. I bought a bunch of oils and butters from oilsbynature.com. I am happy that I found this site because they are super cheap, plus they had a couple sales going on.

This is what I got:
32oz. almond oil $4.80
32oz. castor oil $6
32oz glycerin $3
1lb mango butter $7.40
8lb palm kernel oil $12
8lb shea butter $28.40

I have not seen prices like this any where. I am very happy with my purchase. The only thing that I really wanted that was out of stock was the avacado butter. I will buy some of that and some other stuff later in a few months.

My wish list:
hempseed oil/butter
more mango butter
jojoba wax
shea oil
avacado butter

I'm going to experiment with these so I can have a good heavy moisturizing leave-in for the winter.

My Best hair tips!

Protective styles:
1. The more product the better. When in a ponytail/bun whatever my hair does best when I use alot of heavy products. I get less breakage from tightness and the holder.
2. At night when wearing ponies loosen the holder or take it off, moisturize, and scarf it twice to preserve.
3. Alternate styles. I cant wear ponies for longer than a week no matter what I will get breakage.
4. When wearing ponies make sure the holder is not too tight at all. I didn't notice at first but after a while my ends began to thin something fierce.
5. Soak all holders in oil. I use evoo.
6. Baggie method! I am in love with this method. But I am finding that the more I do the pony baggie the more my ends break, but that's probably because of tight ponies, hairs still moist. Doing only full head baggies Until I see an improvement.
7. NO GEL! unless absolutely necessary. I only use IC sparklelites to smooth my ponies when needed.
8. Braids or sewin weaves are the best PS for me. I get no breakage unless I completely ignore the hair, or the braids are too tight.

1. Wash in braids as often as possible. Stops tangles b4 they start.
2. frequent cowashing increases moisture better than anything Ive tried.
3. Deep condition with every shampoo and twice a week when possible.
4. Use protein when having problems even when you think you don't need it. Protein treatments like aphogee stop breakage and helps the hair hold moisture, protein conditioners like CPR and other reconstructers build strength and I use for maintenance between treatments. With any protein always do a deep moisturizing treatment after to maintain a good balance.
5. Use clarifying poo to rid buildup. Use moisturizing poo after. Always pre poo before and DC after.
6. Make sure to detangle thoroughly under running water in the shower after DC.

Straight Styles
1. Rollerset to straighten instead of pressing.
2. Flat ironing roots only instead of entire head.
3. Find a really good heat protectant.
4. wrap/pincurl to maintain.
5. Try a silk wrap, its one of the best methods out there. After straightening wrap and wrap in plastic sit under dryer 10-15 min. Unwrap and you will be in heaven.

Other Tips
-Always wear a satin/silk scarf to bed and/or when inside.(hell, I even wear it outside)
-DO NOT use heat often. I use it at the most once every 2-3 months, and only for trims and to check length.
-For a straight look do a rollerset and silk wrap. I get amazing results with this.
-When in need of a break take one, put in some braids or a weave
-Don't forget the hair when in the braids/weave. Still moisturize.
-Keep a good protein/moisture balance.
-Clarify every 2-3 weeks to remove buildup.
-moisturize and seal with oil every day or every other day.
-use porosity control or an ACV rinse when hair is porous.
-Protect ends as much as possible until you get past SL and/or until you reach your next goal.
-Weaves/Braids are great protective styles.

-last but not least- consistency. When you find your staple products and techniques stick with them. They may change overtime with length, adjust accordingly.

Will be back as I come up with more to add to the list.

These techniques/tips are not designed for everyone. They may not work for everyone. So don't sue me if all your hair falls out!:)

Monday, June 25, 2007

End of june measurments


front 12"
back 9 1/2- 10"
sides 10.5"
middle 7.5-9"

I cut the middle the shortest on purpose, because I kinda wanted it layered and mostly because of the breakage. It looks ok but I really want a profesional cut. I will do that at the end of he summer maybe before I put in the braids.

I finally found out what lace braids were and I am going to put those in instead of the micros. The micros probably wouldnt have looked right nyway because I would have to braid it so far down. With the lace braids all that would be seen is the hair and the base of the braids in the front. I have seen a few pics of them and they are really cute! I cant wait.

So the plan is.......
1. wear my own hair for the next week or two, DC 1-2x a week
2. put it up in the sew in for 1-2 months
3. wear own hair for a while, DC 1-2x a week, natural wngs, twists...
4. go to dominican salon for rollerset, cut, and to see their technique
5. finally, do a protein treatment and put in the lace braids for a couple months.

I know I will get good growth from this regimen so I am hoping for the best. Wish me luck and BSL by the end of the year or bust!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I have decided to cut my hair little by little until the end of the year. I have cut off between 1-3" of hair so far. In the middle I ended up cutting like 2" and the rest like 1/2". Then I cut again. I straightened my hair out so I could see how it lays. It is so much better than the last time. lays nicely and its getting longer. I havent done a measurment yet so cant tell how much longer it is in inches will do later this week.

I bought a new flat iron a FHI 1". I love it, it makes the hair so nice and smooth. I also splurged on a bunch of products. I even bought the big bottle of aphogee for $20. crazy I know! I did a treatment and I wish I would have done it sooner cause the strength is amazing. Also finally got some eqp dpr 11. I tried it and cant say it was the best thing ever but it really was not bad. I will buy again.

I have been experimenting with my rollersets and this time I used very little product. It was good but it still took forever to dry. I then flat ironed and did the silk wrap. very nice! it came out so smooth and silky, will do this every time. the only thing is I need to get rid of the frizz. wearing it down is terrible. I think it s the heat protectant i have been using, fantasia ic pink one. Ill be on the look out for a better one, I want to try redken heat glide next.

I dont know but I hope that i am getting some extra growth from the vits I am taking. I wont be able to really tell how much growth im getting until i get these ends right. If I'm getting exta growth then I will be BSL before the end of the year. We will see.

My styles or the summer after I wash out this roller set will be a sewin worn for like 1-2 months, then for the rest french braids, twists, and ponies until the school year starts when Im going to put in some micros. I am not going to straighten for a long time unless I feel like it. I am going to be focusing on my ends, keeping them strong moisturized and protected so I wont have to cut anymore.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Made a lot of progress. Got past the its not growing phase and I am almost to my first goal of APL. I'm mad that I am not there yet. But its ok. I have been trimming alot, every time I put in twists or straighten. That has cut me back a bit. No matter, its still growing.
Been wearing flat twists, singles and braids. I flatironed it once and it was so nice and soft. The only thing is that I hate the way it lays cause its so thick and then the breakage in the middle makes it look crazy. I washed it out after like 3-4 days. I just washed again yesterday and am planning on re twisting tonight, keeping them in for like two weeks, cowashing every other day.
Doing the henna thing, makes everything so nice. And still taking the vits slowly increasing the dosage. Up to 1500mg in msm, 5mg in biotin, and 1000mg in EPO. I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing protecting those ends till they grow out. My plan is when I get to BSL I'm going to start chopping them off a little at a time till I am happy with the way they look. Hopefully I will be BSL by the beginning of next year. We shall see....


back 9-11"
middle 11.5"
front 10.5-11"

These are measurements as of the beg of may, from root to tip. Getting there slowly but surely.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What to do?

Been wearing a lot of different styles lately. Had twists in for a little over a month, took them out too soon. Put in a sew in it was cute but the hair was cheap and it tangled like crazy. I had braids in the front and curly hair in the back, only kept it in for two weeks. Normally a sew in lasts for at least a month or two. I plan on doing the usual again, phony pony with baggie (knock-off of chicoro's) and when I get tired of that, cornrows for a week or two. I don't know what else to do with my hair right now.

My texturizer from last year is growing out gradually. It upsets me because the ends compared to the roots look crazy. You can see where all the baby hairs are growing up. They are at least 4" now. My ends aren't thin they are just not as thick as the roots. I don't think its breakage at the demarcation line because i have been trying to protect it like crazy. I don't touch it or comb it unless I am washing or styling. The most I do my hair is like every 2-3 days and that is only when I am wearing my ponytail. I will just continue what I am doing and just hope for the best.

I finally found a place that sells henna. I got Reshma henna and shikakai powder(haven't tried yet). I still haven't found the cassia though. I did a henna treatment the other day. When the stuff was in my head it felt weird, kind of grainy like it was going to be dry as hell when I rinsed it out. So I deep conditioned with QH and when I rinsed my hair...... let me tell you I was in heaven! I have never felt my hair so soft before in my life, and my hair is already super soft by itself. Is wasn't mushy soft it was strong, healthy soft and smooth and it has a tiny reddish tint. I am in love and I will henna for life!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New findings and misunderstandings

I’m in braids now. Had them in since the beginning of Feb.and plan to keep them until the end of march. I have been following the same braid reg as before and have been using mn and my sulfur oil every other day. Also redoing a few braids here and there so they can stay neat. My braids slip so easily it looks like i have 2 months worth of new growth. They don't look bad though.

After I take these out I will continue to hide my hair until the summertime. That is the only time that I can wear my hair out constantly without a problem. I cowash daily which my hair loves and I wear alot of sleeveless shirts. (I cant wait!) My protective styles will be cornrows/flat twists and phony ponies alternated weekly.

I had a setback over the past few months. It started with a bad rollerset, the ends began to break off. I haven't gained much length since Nov. My measurements as of the end of Jan are:

back 8"

sides & middle 9"

front 10"

I have been using a ruler to measure and I finally got a tape measure. It turns out that my measurements were about 2" off. So APL is actually 11" and BSL is actually 14". The thing is that even with my measurements being completely messed up I will still make my goal of MBL by the end of the year, unless I have some major setbacks which hopefully wont happen. My shortest piece is 8" so I need 3" to be APL and another 3" to be BSL based on the measurements above.

I want to do another rollerset in may. I am still attempting to perfect my technique. What does not work for me is; less products, blowout before and after, combing when finished. What does work is; very well conditioned and moisturized hair, a little setting lotion, completely drying, flat ironed roots. What I want to try are; ponytail sets, silk wrap, different moisturizers. I do also want to get a new flat iron, one with full ceramic plates. If I can find one for cheap I will get it otherwise I will get a maxiglide.

One more thing I wanted to try is henna and cassia. I plan on adding it to the reggi for conditioning benefits and possibly color. Also those henna tattoos are beautiful.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Winter time blues

My hair is making me crazy. Because its so cold out i cant wash like I want to, and its breaking like crazy. I put it in cornrows for two weeks cause school started and i didn't have the time to deal with it. I think I will do the same thing that I did last summer. I am going to braid it up again till it gets warmer. I am going to do a rollerset this weekend to see the length then do a protein treatment and put back in my infamous two strand twists. this time I will make them longer. I plan on keeping them in for at least one or two months. the longer the better. My hair is thickening up like crazy also.
I stretched a piece and I am actually grazing APL. :D YAY!! I didn't do an actual measurement yet but, will do before i put it up in the braids.
Still taking my vits. iron, 500mg msm and epo, 2mg biotin, b complex. Using mtg and mn not too often I'll say twice a week. I haven't measured since i was taking them so i don't really know how much they have been helping. one thing i can say is that i am seeing more and more baby hairs popping up which is really good and bad at the same time. Its becoming more and more difficult to get through the new growth.
I have decided not to texturize again. when i reach MBL I will chop off the remainder of the relaxed hair. it doesn't look bad, its just hard to handle the different textures. if it was all one texture i wouldn't have a hard time getting the comb through it at all.
I still need to figure out how to stop the breakage i have been having. I know it not moisturized properly because it only feels right when I cowash it daily. I don't want to wash every night because putting it in a wet ponytail so often is also contributing to my breakage. Maybe i could just smooth some conditioner on it every night for the same effect. Ill figure it out.

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