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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vitamins and goals

I have decided to add a few vits to my regimen. I am currently taking a b vitamin complex, 2 mg biotin, and 650mg iron (I'm anemic). I have been taking these for the past month or so(iron longer). i have noticed more growth when I crushed or broken up the pills so that they would dissolve completely. I have also taken flaxseed oil 1t daily, but I found that it made me look very bloated/fat around the midsection. I stopped taking the flax because of that after two weeks.

I would also like to add some msm powder and evening primrose oil because I have heard alot of great things about these two. The msm softens the newgrowth and loosens the curls a little and the epo keeps the skin moist and increases breast size( an added bonus!).

I have yet to measure my hair this month but it is noticeably longer. I will not measure till Jan. My protective styles for this month have been single and flat twists and french braids. I have not worn my phony pony in a while, but I will when I have nothing else to do with my hair.

The end of the year is just about here and I have made my goal of 9 inches or just about. I have not seen my hair completely straight since I had my last relaxer 5/05. My hair still looks and feels shoulder length(too much shrinkage), but I believe that I am just grazing or hovering above APL. I may straighten it for new years via rollerset, but that doesn't really show the true length either.

I have made my goal for 2006, which was to be apl, 9" from the nape. To be at full apl I need a few more inches all over, cause it really doesn't look apl. In order to reach my goal for 2007, which is MBL, I need to have 15" all over. BSL is about 12" from the nape, I should be grazing it at that length. I need 3" to be BSL and another 3" to be at MBL. This can be done in a years time w/o growth aids, because my hair grows an average of 1/2" per month. With the growth aids I definitely can do this and be able to give myself a much needed trim along the way. I have not trimmed since the BC. I have been able to retain all the length from this year and I believe that I can do it next year also.

I am motivated t achieve all of my goals for 2007.

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