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Friday, November 03, 2006

Its getting cold here and my hair is suffering. when my hair was shorter i used to just put it in a ponytail. Now my ponytails rub against my coat/clothes. So in order to protect my hair in this stage where it is always rubbing against my shoulders I have decided on two hairstyles. The first is twists with my natural hair, and the second is a phoney pony.
This is the first time that I have worn my own hair in twists. It is now long enough and doesn't look funny anymore. single twists in the back and flat twist in the front.
The phoney pony I got two in a pack for $2.99. It was a really good deal I think.

1. Wash weekly sat/sun(prepoo,poo,& dc).
2. comb out well and add product,let dry.
3. twist it up
4. when done the next morn lightly cowash add product and blow dry so that they will lay right.

They will be retwisted as needed and the scalp oiled as needed. Wear a baggy overnight

1. wash and dc and comb out.
2. while still wet add suave or vo5 cond, coconut oil, and a little gel to help it lay down.
3. smooth into a ponytail with denman brush and add holder, only wrapping 2-3 times.
4. throw on a scarf and allow to dry overnight.

I would spray with scurl or stasoffro add more cond and coconut oil every night, and flatten with my scarf. my hair is twisted into a bun with a kneehi covering it. I put on my ponytail every morning and when I leave the house.

These two styles I will alternate while it is still cold. I am also wearing rollersets occasionally when I wear it down.

November measurements


from the middle
from the hairline

I am about an inch away from APL. I will definitely be there by Dec. 31. I will have made my goal for 2006. :D. Then I will give myself a small trim.

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