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Friday, September 29, 2006


I love my kinky twists. But right now I am so tired of them! I've had them in since the 2nd last week of august, so that's been like 6 weeks. I guess its okay for me to take them out but the thing is I didn't want to have to deal with my hair till the end of the semester, cause I have so much work to do right now.
The reason why they need to come out is because I have all these little baby hairs coming up and it just looks crazy! Like I said B4 I cant leave my braids in for long because they frizz up quick, apparently this goes for all kinds of braids right now. These baby hairs int no joke!
Anyway they are coming out tomorrow night I clarified tonight to remove some buildup and put on alot of protein conditioner and left in so I should have some strength when they come out. I might have to do a heavier protein though because my strands feel so weak right now.
The takedown plan is as follows:
1. wet the hair down and put in some conditioner.
2.start to undo the twists and comb out each as I go.
3.when done add more conditioner and comb out entire head very well.
4. shampoo- clarify 2x and maybe use CON one time.
5. deep condition with a protein and moisture mix
6. hot oil treatment overnight and co wash in the am

If the hair still feels a little too elastic I will do a heavier protein followed with a moisturizing cond.
I am going to wear it curly for a while and then start on the rollersets again and wear my half wig. I am planning on doing the halfwigs and flat twists till the end of the semester. hopefully I can last that long. lol

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