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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My summer decision

I have decided to keep my hair up in braids (cornrows) for the rest of the summer. I just took out my second set of cornrows so far. I will keep each set in for a week and wear my hair for a few days and repeat. The problem is that my hair gets so very frizzy in braids, they look a mess after the third+ day! I just wish that I could keep the in for like 2-3 weeks like my cousin can, but its okay.
I have the sulfur powder and i have been using it for the past week. Its too soon to tell if it is working but I swear that my ponytail got a little longer after I took out the last set of braids. I hope it works as well as some other peoples concoctions that I've read about.

Heres my recipe:
1/3 grapeseed oil
1/3 olive oil
1/6 coconut oil
1/6 castor oil
a few drops of africas best organic carrot tea tree oil therapy( for scent)
4 capsules vit E oil
4 capsules garlic oil
10 drops peppermint and rosemary EOs
sulfur powder
I made my first one in a 4oz squirt bottle like the ones used for coloring. Since the bottle was so small I added one tablespoon of the sulfur powder to it and then added all the oils gave it a good shake to distribute and let it sit overnight. There was less than a half an ounce of sulfur but after it swelled it looked like there was a little over an ounce. You have to shake before each use because the sulfur will always settle to the bottom. My concoction is between 10-15% sulfur.
I liked it a lot because it didn't run all over the place because of the castor oil and it smelled good unlike the original MTG.
I used castor and vit E oils because they both help to thicken up the hair. I used the garlic oil because it helps stop shedding. The grapeseed and olive help keep in moisture and the coconut produces shine. I do not use this all over the hair just on the scalp once or twice daily and massage in.

I cant wait! to see the kind of growth I get from this. most say that they receive an inch or more per month. Hope I get the same. *crosses fingers* :)


SLICE magazine said...

Hey.. In retrospect, did this work for you?

marand13 said...

It actually did but I had to decrease the amount of sulfur by half cause it gave me headaches. My hair did grow alot though & I have since revised the recipe.

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