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Monday, June 19, 2006

naughty naughty >:(

This month I was naughty. During trying to achieve a wash and go I noticed a consiserable amount of shrinkage. So what did I do. I TEXTURIZED. Not once but twice! The first time I did it in four sections seven min. each. I used creme of nature mild lye relaxer. It came out pretty good but it was very frizzy at the top. The second time i did it in two sections for five min. each.
Both times I put cholesterol and evoo on my hair B4 I relaxed and did not smooth through. Neutralized a bunch of times and deep conditined twice. Directly after the second I did an aphogee protein treatment.
I think that it came out pretty good and there is almost no shrinkage. But there are two problems. The first is I can not do finger/comb coils because the texture is w/o shrinkage. The second is since i have two different textures the front looks more like it is texlaxed instead of slightly texturized.

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