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Monday, June 19, 2006

My Regimen

Since I started my transition last year I have come to realize that my hair loves water. When it is wet it is so soft, curly, and bouncy. I used to wash once a week and wet it every time I combed and styled. Since the BC I began to cowash daily. It is much easier to manage this way.
Here is what I do on a daily basis:
  • cowash with any v05 or suave conditioner(depending on the need of moisture or protein)
  • use conditioner as a leave in
  • brush back with a denman d4 for a smoother ponytail otherwise use a wide tooth comb
  • use a cut kneehigh as a holder and tie a scarf around till dry
After the holder is in I do one of three things
  1. don't touch hair till dry, ponytail will be nice and curly
  2. make a bun(twist and wrap) or tuck ends under ponytail holder
  3. baggie the ends with a mix of an oil and conditioner ( usually evoo and v05 moisture milk and split ends) and cover w/ kneehigh and/or phony pony/bun
This is what I do most of the time other times I wear a wash n go:
  • cowash then use cond as leave in
  • add an oil concentrating on ends(evoo, castor, or coconut oil works best)
  • add styling products - optional( don't have to but i use gel, smoothnshine or fantasia, sometimes)
  • smooth/scrunch/shake, whatever they all give different results
I prefer to wear a headband with this. If you really want the curls to pop a honey rinse works wonders for curl definition.
Add a spoonful honey in a cup full of water and use as the final rinse

I am trying to avoid individual braids and sew-ins so my hair can thicken back up. Its been a few months since the last set and i can see little hairs growing back in. I plan on getting some sulfur powder to make my own MTG mix to use on my scalp to thicken it up even more.

I also do rollersets every now and then. The only thing is I haven't found a good moisturizer that will not revert my hair back because my hair seems to dry out after the first day or two. Still practicing...

Last but not least i take a b-complex now and plan to add MSM, flax seed and evening primrose oil, and biotin into my vitamin reg.

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