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Monday, June 19, 2006

My Hair's History

My hair has never grown past SL. Mainly becauseI didnt know how to take care of it and had no one to teach me. It seems that everything that I know I have taught to myself. I taught myself to braid at a very young age(second grade:0) and when I got in high school people would ask me to do their hair. Since then my specialty has been french braids. I eventually learned to do many different styles such as sew-in weaves, ponytails, 27 pieces, twists, silk locs, quick weaves, basically any style that I can think of.
Where I live weave is the only way a girl has long hair. They all have relaxed hair that always looks dry and jacked up unless they have a weave in it and I know because I put the weaves in for them. Many dont have more than a few inches of hair.
My hair has always been shoulder lenght because i never knew what to do with it. I relaxed my hair every 3-4 months(streaching was never a problem for me) and I used to grease my scalp almost daily and washed and deep conditioned weekly and I didnt use brushes. So I knew the basics of hair care, the problem was 1. the grease 2. the styles 3. rough combing and 4. not knowing how to keep it moisturized and protected.
I kept my hair in a ponytail with a very tight rubberband and everytime I took it out so came my hair. I started to look up information on haircare a few years ago and there was only one website that i could find that was useful, growafrohairlong.com . Form here I learned about protictive styles and my hair grew a little longer threw the first set of micro braids I gave my self during senior year HS. It was 2" past SL but my lack of knowledge in how to protect it took over( and the fact that I didnt properly relax all the new growth-~--) and it began to break.
I grew it a little wearing sew-ins back to the length it was after the braids. Then after graduation I began wearing box braids and sew-ins more often to grow it but I didnt moisturize it properly and experienced alot of shedding. Mind you, before this my hair was extremely thick but now even thought it is still pretty thick it is noticably thinner, and this is what really pushed my decision to become natural.
I was tired of the chemicals and my neglect messing up my hair. My last relaxer was may/05. I BC'ed in may/06 with 5 1/2" of natural healthy hair ready to begin my journey. The End.
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