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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Measurments April-June 2006

HTML is a bi**h!. trying to make the table look right had to do it over again like 10 times. PLZ ignore the spacing, can't figure out how to get rid of it yet.

Front 9"
May BC
5-5 1/2" all over, all natural
back5 1/2"
front6 1/2"

All measurments are from root to tip. I think the back hasn't grown much because I have been wearing washngoes often. But you can see that in some parts my hair has grown a full inch in about a month! :D
I started using MN on 4/27. Used it almost everyday for a little over a month, ended beg. of june.I did notice some growth and I wish I would have kept using it.I still have some I just keep forgetting about it. One tube lasted me for a month, I bought two.(monistat 2% mn)
I ordered the sulfur and will start mixing as soon as it get here. I will make a thick 'grease like' one and a oil to use on the scalp. Hopefully I will see even more growth.

More measurments

My Goals
SL 7"
APL 9"
BSL 12"
MBL 15"

All from the nape. I need about 4" to be APL by the end of the year. I think I can make it. :)
My final goal is to be at mid-back length in Dec. 2007 :D, but if it keeps growing then hey, let it grow!:P

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