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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Measurments April-June 2006

HTML is a bi**h!. trying to make the table look right had to do it over again like 10 times. PLZ ignore the spacing, can't figure out how to get rid of it yet.

Front 9"
May BC
5-5 1/2" all over, all natural
back5 1/2"
front6 1/2"

All measurments are from root to tip. I think the back hasn't grown much because I have been wearing washngoes often. But you can see that in some parts my hair has grown a full inch in about a month! :D
I started using MN on 4/27. Used it almost everyday for a little over a month, ended beg. of june.I did notice some growth and I wish I would have kept using it.I still have some I just keep forgetting about it. One tube lasted me for a month, I bought two.(monistat 2% mn)
I ordered the sulfur and will start mixing as soon as it get here. I will make a thick 'grease like' one and a oil to use on the scalp. Hopefully I will see even more growth.

More measurments

My Goals
SL 7"
APL 9"
BSL 12"
MBL 15"

All from the nape. I need about 4" to be APL by the end of the year. I think I can make it. :)
My final goal is to be at mid-back length in Dec. 2007 :D, but if it keeps growing then hey, let it grow!:P

Monday, June 19, 2006

My Regimen

Since I started my transition last year I have come to realize that my hair loves water. When it is wet it is so soft, curly, and bouncy. I used to wash once a week and wet it every time I combed and styled. Since the BC I began to cowash daily. It is much easier to manage this way.
Here is what I do on a daily basis:
  • cowash with any v05 or suave conditioner(depending on the need of moisture or protein)
  • use conditioner as a leave in
  • brush back with a denman d4 for a smoother ponytail otherwise use a wide tooth comb
  • use a cut kneehigh as a holder and tie a scarf around till dry
After the holder is in I do one of three things
  1. don't touch hair till dry, ponytail will be nice and curly
  2. make a bun(twist and wrap) or tuck ends under ponytail holder
  3. baggie the ends with a mix of an oil and conditioner ( usually evoo and v05 moisture milk and split ends) and cover w/ kneehigh and/or phony pony/bun
This is what I do most of the time other times I wear a wash n go:
  • cowash then use cond as leave in
  • add an oil concentrating on ends(evoo, castor, or coconut oil works best)
  • add styling products - optional( don't have to but i use gel, smoothnshine or fantasia, sometimes)
  • smooth/scrunch/shake, whatever they all give different results
I prefer to wear a headband with this. If you really want the curls to pop a honey rinse works wonders for curl definition.
Add a spoonful honey in a cup full of water and use as the final rinse

I am trying to avoid individual braids and sew-ins so my hair can thicken back up. Its been a few months since the last set and i can see little hairs growing back in. I plan on getting some sulfur powder to make my own MTG mix to use on my scalp to thicken it up even more.

I also do rollersets every now and then. The only thing is I haven't found a good moisturizer that will not revert my hair back because my hair seems to dry out after the first day or two. Still practicing...

Last but not least i take a b-complex now and plan to add MSM, flax seed and evening primrose oil, and biotin into my vitamin reg.

My Hair

I love the hair on my head. I love the way it curls. I think it is so pretty. Me and my younger sister have the same type of hair. Her hair has more lenght to it and looks beautiful being long and natural. I have 3c/m/iii type hair i believe. I know that it is not in the 4s because it is not a tight curl at all but it isnt too loose either. I think if there is a such thing as 3d then that would be me :) lol.(hair typing is sooo confusing...) the back is the coiliest and the top is more wavy. I think that it balances itself out. I mostly were my hair back in a ponytail or some type of bun. I cant wait till it gets longer!

naughty naughty >:(

This month I was naughty. During trying to achieve a wash and go I noticed a consiserable amount of shrinkage. So what did I do. I TEXTURIZED. Not once but twice! The first time I did it in four sections seven min. each. I used creme of nature mild lye relaxer. It came out pretty good but it was very frizzy at the top. The second time i did it in two sections for five min. each.
Both times I put cholesterol and evoo on my hair B4 I relaxed and did not smooth through. Neutralized a bunch of times and deep conditined twice. Directly after the second I did an aphogee protein treatment.
I think that it came out pretty good and there is almost no shrinkage. But there are two problems. The first is I can not do finger/comb coils because the texture is w/o shrinkage. The second is since i have two different textures the front looks more like it is texlaxed instead of slightly texturized.

My Hair's History

My hair has never grown past SL. Mainly becauseI didnt know how to take care of it and had no one to teach me. It seems that everything that I know I have taught to myself. I taught myself to braid at a very young age(second grade:0) and when I got in high school people would ask me to do their hair. Since then my specialty has been french braids. I eventually learned to do many different styles such as sew-in weaves, ponytails, 27 pieces, twists, silk locs, quick weaves, basically any style that I can think of.
Where I live weave is the only way a girl has long hair. They all have relaxed hair that always looks dry and jacked up unless they have a weave in it and I know because I put the weaves in for them. Many dont have more than a few inches of hair.
My hair has always been shoulder lenght because i never knew what to do with it. I relaxed my hair every 3-4 months(streaching was never a problem for me) and I used to grease my scalp almost daily and washed and deep conditioned weekly and I didnt use brushes. So I knew the basics of hair care, the problem was 1. the grease 2. the styles 3. rough combing and 4. not knowing how to keep it moisturized and protected.
I kept my hair in a ponytail with a very tight rubberband and everytime I took it out so came my hair. I started to look up information on haircare a few years ago and there was only one website that i could find that was useful, growafrohairlong.com . Form here I learned about protictive styles and my hair grew a little longer threw the first set of micro braids I gave my self during senior year HS. It was 2" past SL but my lack of knowledge in how to protect it took over( and the fact that I didnt properly relax all the new growth-~--) and it began to break.
I grew it a little wearing sew-ins back to the length it was after the braids. Then after graduation I began wearing box braids and sew-ins more often to grow it but I didnt moisturize it properly and experienced alot of shedding. Mind you, before this my hair was extremely thick but now even thought it is still pretty thick it is noticably thinner, and this is what really pushed my decision to become natural.
I was tired of the chemicals and my neglect messing up my hair. My last relaxer was may/05. I BC'ed in may/06 with 5 1/2" of natural healthy hair ready to begin my journey. The End.


This is my first entry. This blog will document my hair growth journey from 1" above SL to MBL. I have decided to commit myself to take care of and grow my hair to the desired lenght. I will be using many different techniques to achieve this growth that i have learned from various hair care boards such as the LHCF and others. i discovered the LHCF in feb of this year and since i have become a frequent lurker i have learned many helpful things about my hair and how to keep it healthy. And since i have been lurking i have become more dedicated in attempting to grow my hair. I will offically join someday but we will see....

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