Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Acrylic Nail Obsession!!!!

I have been super obsessed with acrylic nails as of late. I have always had a thing for nail art and definitely prefer acrylic or gel over just regular polish. It never lasts more than 2 days on me regardless of the brand and the technique.

I have done my own acrylics off and on over the years and have recently started back wearing them. I am wearing them again because I got so tired of my natural nail breaking constantly and just not looking very good. I really like for my nails to look nice and started doing my pink and whites again.

I love pink and whites!!

This time I really want to perfect my technique and get much better at doing them!

I have gotten my prep down and with better products and application technique, I have greatly reduced the amount of lifting that I used to get.

I have been slowly building my nail collection back up and now have acrylic from 2 different lines. Both are great and I really do feel like the Omega especially works the best for me compared to anything else that I have actually tried.

I have the majority of essentials for doing acrylics. Many of which, I have purchased from eBay this past few weeks and from here all I will really need is the wants and nail art supplies.

I have ordered a dust fan which I think is highly important to have in your acrylic or gel nail kit. You want to keep the acrylic dust down to a minimum as much as possible since it can cause serious health problems. I actually wear a particulate mask when I file my nails regardless if I am hand filing or using a drill. Since I do have asthma, I try to reduce the effects that doing acrylics can cause as much as possible.

I ordered a few carbide bits which are much safer as far as dust since they cut the acrylic into chunks that are too big to breathe in. I am excited about trying them out! You must be careful when using carbide bits since they can cut the skin.

There is a bit of a learning curve and for me my biggest obstacle has been product ratio and consistency. I cant quite get the perfect pearl every time. But that also has to do with the fact that I have been trying out new brushes and things like that on a regular basis. With practice that will eventually come natural.

I have found eBay to be the easiest way to order nail art stuff. I ordered a practice hand as well which I am super excited about so I can get my technique down without destroying my nails, taking them off and redoing every week or few days or whatever...

I have been practicing on that as well as on Tammy Taylor's practice sheet. I have done a ton of pink and whites and also wanted to try to do the type of nails that I would never actually do on myself. I did an Edge nail which came out pretty interesting...

Acrylic nails can become a really bad habit because there is always something else that you want to buy. Its just as bad as my hair obsession if not worse at this point!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

My Short Curly Hair Routine - Modified MHM

Since cutting off all my hair my hair routine is super simple and super quick!

I am simply doing wash & goes every day and deep conditioning once or twice a week.

I have been reading up on the Max Hydration Method for a while and have incorporated a few things from it into my regimen.

Since my hair is in its short stage I do not want to go all out with what I am doing to my hair. This is what I am doing to my hair on a daily and weekly basis.

  • Rinse hair very well under shower
  • While hair is still soaking wet, apply light conditioner and massage through focusing on the very front, sides, and back, as these are the driest parts of my hair.
  • Apply oil to scalp and massage in making sure to lightly coat the hair. I like to use Castor Oil or one of my own oil blends with essential oils.
  • Deep condition the hair with a heavy conditioner, mixed with honey and oils
  • Apple Cider Vinegar rinse
  • Baking Soda rinse
  • Shampoo if I feel the need to (which is usually about once a month)

I will say if I had bentonite clay or another kind of clay I would definitely do the fully MHM every 2-3 days.

However, since I started back cowashing everyday like I used to, my hair is a lot more moisturized and my curls are popping like crazy!! The sides and the very front of my hair have had a harder time forming the curl as compared to the rest of my hair. Because of this I have been focusing on those sections a  little more.

I shampoo with Nizoral for my scalp issues. I feel like it does help when I get that weird burning sensation, as well as the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

My hair is responding to this very well and I definitely feel like the shedding that I had been experiencing has subsided greatly! My hair is becoming more and more moisturized everyday and I am not experiencing any breakage at all!

That makes me pretty happy!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My Extreme Haircut - Video Series 1-4

I have uploaded 4 videos so far about my haircut. The first one was just an explanation of what has been going on with my hair and what had led me to make the decision to cut off all of my hair. My hair has gone through so many changes and I really needed a change.

I just needed to be able to forget about my hair completely for a while. And I have to say that it was definitely much needed!! I feel so much better not having to worry about what I am doing to my hair. Since my hair was in such a bad condition I couldn't do wash and goes. It looked terrible when I wore it down!

In this video, I explain my reasons for wanting to cut off all of my hair. There are so many different things that have been going on I have simply become fed up! I was ready for a change!

The Cut!!

The change was pretty drastic!! And Even though I cut off so much hair, I do not miss it at all!! I am actually quite surprised about that!!

This is how I felt about my hair after the 1st week of wearing it short. I love it!! It is so different and something that I have wanted to do for a really long time!! I am super happy and excited that I finally did it!!!

I got over my fear of having short hair and over my fear of cutting off all of my hair!! It took me a couple of years to be able to grow the courage, so to speak, to be able to do this. I would always say, "I want to shave my head and if I feel the same way next year, I will do it."

Well, I finally did it!!!

What fears do you have? How long do you think it will take you to be able to say "Fuck It!" and just do it??

Friday, May 29, 2015

Diva DC (Diva Collections) 10% OFF Promo Code

Hey everyone!! For those of you who are interested in trying a new line of Acrylic Nail Products I have a coupon code for 10% off at DivaDC.com!!!

Promo code - DIVADCMA

This promo code is good for one week from today!! The End date is June 4th!!

I personally will definitely be taking advantage of this and making a purchase within the next few days!!

I have my eye on their acrylic and glitters and cant wait to purchase and try them out!!!

Nailite Haul - Omega Acrylic System

I have been using my NSI Spa nail system for the past few years and recently have been looking into getting something different.

Now I have ordered form Nailite in the past and loved their products... Except for the acrylic. I have previously owned the regular acrylic system from Nailite and I have to say, at the time the amount of lifting that I experienced with that line was unacceptable!!

I wanted to try something new but didn't know where to start and didn't want to invest too much money in a product line that doesn't work for me. So I simply did what I usually do... Google and YouTube!!

I researched and watched tons of videos on different product lines and what they are good for and how they are used and pricing for everything I would need.... All that jazz...

I wanted something that was great for problem lifters, as I am a problem lifter.

I ended up deciding on 3 different product lines, but I wanted to try them all one at a time. I didn't want to overwhelm myself with all these products like I typically do.

I wanted to try and test them each out for a good time period before trying out the next one.

I decided to start with Nailite Omega since I am very familiar with Nailite in general and after hearing such great things about this particular line for problem lifters.

After doing my 1st set with this system I have to say I LOVE IT!! So far...

First off, it is a HUGE difference from the NSI Spa system, being that it is regular acrylic and not odorless. Much easier to work with and with the new brushes that I got as well, it is a dream!

I have been able to sculpt my nails much, much easier and faster.

I printed out Tammy Taylor's Practice sheet and have been practicing my pink and whites, since I cant do them on myself everyday.... LoL

Tammy Taylor has great and really informative videos that I have watched over and over along with a few other vloggers.

My favorite YouTube Nail channel is Absolute Nails. I love her videos. She is so down to earth and the nails that she does are so unique and different! I think I just may have watched all of her videos... Just maybe...

Watching her videos and all the others out there make me want to do all kinds of crazy designs!! Now I definitely cant wear long nails, never mind stilettos! But, I do really want to play around with different colors, glitters, rhinestones, and all kinds of bling!

I am loving the pink and white that I have going on now and eventually the white will be all types of glitter crazy!

I do like being able to wear acrylic nails again and actually having nails. I find it funny that after wearing acrylic consistently before made my nails so weak and they never recovered. But now, when I soaked off my nails to apply this new set my nails felt much stronger! I am positive that they would have broken off fairly quickly regardless, but they still feel much better.

Most likely it is my technique that is different, since I have spent a lot of time working on how I am doing everything so that my nails stay healthy underneath.

Going to keep practicing to get them perfect!!!

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