Friday, September 04, 2015

Trash can style Flow Through Worm Bin

I set up a new trash can style flow through worm bin so that I could have a prettier and more efficient way to create worm castings. I cut a hole in the bottom of the back of the trash can and drilled some holes a few inches above it. I used zip ties to weave through the holes for the contents to sit on top of.

I then used a piece of cardboard to line the bottom for the bedding to sit on top of. I added some of the contents from the other box along with some of the worms and some leftovers for them to feed on. I then topped with some newspaper and there you have it!!

So now whenever one of the kids has leftovers they can just toss them in there as if they were throwing away trash normally. 

Since I added the 1,000 worms I have TONS more castings in my bins and they are going through everything very fast! I am happy about that because I will be able to harvest some soon and add to my containers.

I will be interested in seeing how much food waste I can process with this system.

I am not sure how well I will be able to keep up with them now!!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Weekend Gardening 8/29/2015

We have had some amazing growth in our garden!! The Cucumbers are looking great and getting bigger everyday! Everything is growing very well and I am so excited about it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Acrylic Nails - New Set! Paua Shell and Glitter

I recently did this set and I love it!! I used Paua Shell and blue, aqua, and silver glitter. I absolutely love the iridescence of the Paua Shell! It is so pretty and unique,

I encapsulated the shell pieces in clear acrylic and then surrounded by the different glitters. I then capped the entire thing in clear acrylic.

I think my technique was the best yet on this set! I got the shape pretty good and didn't have to go crazy filing.

I definitely need to practice more on my fake hand and try out new things. I want to try the aquarium nail (Once I get some clear tips), since it is so popular right now.

My next set. I am definitely going to do some red bottoms and some sculpted flowers!! I have pigments coming in the mail and I am super exited!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Worm Bin & Container Garden Update.Aug 22-23

Just a little update on my container garden. Everything is growing very well and we should be able to harvest cucumbers very soon!! I'm super excited... Now if only my tomato plants would flower and produce fruit. That would be awesome!

I had a little problem with my worm bin recently. I added a little too much water to the bedding as well as a melon which went bad and contained fruit fly eggs.

A few days later the bin smelled like complete and utter crap and there were fruit flies EVERYWHERE!!

The bad smell comes from anaerobic bacteria which live in environments with no air. The worms did not like this one bit. They need air to breathe and so do the good bacteria that we want in the bin. The worms were all gathered in the handle groves in the top of the bin to get away from these unwanted conditions.

To counteract this I knew I had to soak up the water and air out the bin very well. I took all of the shredded paper I had left and mixed it all into the bin making sure to use it to soak up any excess moisture that I saw.

I came back every few days to check moisture levels and added more paper here and there where needed.

The smell finally went away and all was well. The worms went back down into the bedding instead of hiding on the tops of the container and there is no smell to speak of right now. I checked the bin this morning and I could hear them slithering away!

I ordered 1,000 more worms because I don't think the 250 that I started off with was enough. Even though they are reproducing and I may or may not have more than what I started, I do want more so that I can process more food waste than I am currently.

My first Borlotti bean died because I had it in the sun one day. I planted a new one and this one shot up really fast! I will be keeping this one in the house away from a lot of heat. It is a bush variety and I am getting a little nervous since it grew so tall.

The rest of my plants are doing very well. I will definitely need to repot my tomatoes very soon. They are not getting much taller which truthfully I am not mad about. In am just waiting for them to flower. My cucumbers are doing awesome!! The cucumbers are growing really well and really fast!

Im looking forward to having an abundant container garden! Maybey next year it will turn into an actual garden!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Gardening Shenanigans August 7-9

Over the weekend I got some new pots and things and really wanted to plant some new stuffies!! Being that I am keeping all of my plants in containers it is not a huge deal that I am planting things so late in the season.

I first started off with some of the things I already had started, repotting and transplanting some things, making sure everyone was good. My okra and the borlotti bean are growing very well and I am super excited about it!

My tomatoes and cucumbers are all doing very well aside from the unfortunate nature of someone pissing all over my plants!! Who or what is doing this!! Disgusting!!

Aside from bringing the plants inside I dont even know what to do about this... Nasty....

I need to drill holes in the sides of these new pots since they have a shelf that allows there to be a reservoir at the bottom, there is just no drainage.

I got my hands dirty when I mixes up some new soil. My soil mix has been a little different every time, but this time I do think I am happy with the ratios. I used garden soil from miracle grow which I dont normally bother with. I prefer to use organic. I added coco coir which comes in a 11lb brick that you have to break down with water. Finally I added pearlite. I used far less pearlite in this mix than in previous mixes and I do like the consistency much better. My plants seem to like it as well!!

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