Friday, May 29, 2015

Diva DC (Diva Collections) 10% OFF Promo Code

Hey everyone!! For those of you who are interested in trying a new line of Acrylic Nail Products I have a coupon code for 10% off at!!!

Promo code - DIVADCMA

This promo code is good for one week from today!! The End date is June 4th!!

I personally will definitely be taking advantage of this and making a purchase within the next few days!!

I have my eye on their acrylic and glitters and cant wait to purchase and try them out!!!

Nailite Haul - Omega Acrylic System

I have been using my NSI Spa nail system for the past few years and recently have been looking into getting something different.

Now I have ordered form Nailite in the past and loved their products... Except for the acrylic. I have previously owned the regular acrylic system from Nailite and I have to say, at the time the amount of lifting that I experienced with that line was unacceptable!!

I wanted to try something new but didn't know where to start and didn't want to invest too much money in a product line that doesn't work for me. So I simply did what I usually do... Google and YouTube!!

I researched and watched tons of videos on different product lines and what they are good for and how they are used and pricing for everything I would need.... All that jazz...

I wanted something that was great for problem lifters, as I am a problem lifter.

I ended up deciding on 3 different product lines, but I wanted to try them all one at a time. I didn't want to overwhelm myself with all these products like I typically do.

I wanted to try and test them each out for a good time period before trying out the next one.

I decided to start with Nailite Omega since I am very familiar with Nailite in general and after hearing such great things about this particular line for problem lifters.

After doing my 1st set with this system I have to say I LOVE IT!! So far...

First off, it is a HUGE difference from the NSI Spa system, being that it is regular acrylic and not odorless. Much easier to work with and with the new brushes that I got as well, it is a dream!

I have been able to sculpt my nails much, much easier and faster.

I printed out Tammy Taylor's Practice sheet and have been practicing my pink and whites, since I cant do them on myself everyday.... LoL

Tammy Taylor has great and really informative videos that I have watched over and over along with a few other vloggers.

My favorite YouTube Nail channel is Absolute Nails. I love her videos. She is so down to earth and the nails that she does are so unique and different! I think I just may have watched all of her videos... Just maybe...

Watching her videos and all the others out there make me want to do all kinds of crazy designs!! Now I definitely cant wear long nails, never mind stilettos! But, I do really want to play around with different colors, glitters, rhinestones, and all kinds of bling!

I am loving the pink and white that I have going on now and eventually the white will be all types of glitter crazy!

I do like being able to wear acrylic nails again and actually having nails. I find it funny that after wearing acrylic consistently before made my nails so weak and they never recovered. But now, when I soaked off my nails to apply this new set my nails felt much stronger! I am positive that they would have broken off fairly quickly regardless, but they still feel much better.

Most likely it is my technique that is different, since I have spent a lot of time working on how I am doing everything so that my nails stay healthy underneath.

Going to keep practicing to get them perfect!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hair Diary *37* - Going Through Changes & Battling Hairloss(again..)

* This post was written a few days before I did the Big Chop! Yea, so posting now! Tee Hee! *

It has been almost a year since the last time I have written a Hair Diary on the blog.
My hair has been going through some major changes over the past year. I have dealt with consistent hair loss for quite some time and now feel like I may be overcoming this.

I think the hair loss that I have been dealing with had something to do with where I was living at the time. I have moved a few months ago and the shedding, itchy scalp, dandruff, and burning sensation have subsided significantly.

I have been using Nizoral shampoo every now and then whenever I feel like my scalp is getting irritated and I use my sulfur and essential oil mix a few days out of the week as well. Mostly when I remember.

My issues with my scalp have subsided greatly, however the damage has already been done!! The constant shedding that I was experiencing has cause my hair to thin out so much!! Every time I look at my hair I want to cut it all off and start from scratch.

In the past dealing with thin hair I have always done some type of Big Chop to solve the problem. I have become accustom to cutting off tons of hair on a regular basis! At this time I have length, but I also have thinness and unevenness since new hair is growing in! I want to keep the length but I really want to get my hair back to being even all over.

Dealing with uneven hair is very difficult since breakage and single strand knots are so much more common.

To combat this I have been doing some serious deep conditioning treatments and I will be cutting an inch or so off every month until it grows back out. I have been doing this over and over for the past almost 10 years!

This time I am hoping is the last time!!

I am staying away from all of those things that I know for a fact causes significant hair loss for me and doing all of the things that I know works to increase my growth and retention.

My hairstyles of choice for dealing with thinning hair:
  • Two Strand Twists - Flat and Singles
  • Baggy Ponytail - Only when the hair has enough length and not overly uneven. Can cause breakage otherwise.
  • Box Braids
  • Faux Locs
I typically wear long term protective styles when dealing with any type of hair loss. I will do the ponytail baggy when I want to be able to cowash my hair on a regular basis. I tend to redo the baggy every 1-2 days by cowashing, reapplying all products I am using and redoing the baggy.

I like to wear my ponytail baggy with a drawstring ponytail or with marley braiding hair wrapped around to make a bun.

With the other styles I have had the philosophy in the past that I was not going to condition my hair while wearing these styles to avoid slipping and buildup, however I have since revised that!

I now deep condition and cowash weekly when wearing these styles. This way I am still keeping my hair strong and moisturized with proper conditioning!

I stopped taking my vitamins back in September last year in order to shock my system once I started back up. I just started taking them again the past few weeks and am now seeing a big difference compared to before.

Shaving my head has been something that has been on my mind for quite some time now and I think that this just may be the year that I actually do it!!

By doing so I am hoping to completely get rid of that itch to chop that I get every year or so. Plus I will be able to show off my tattoo much better. :D

My Hair Diary posts have been far and few in between due to the fact that I have been putting everything into The Hair Diary app as opposed to the blog. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Hair Diary app is now Available for iPhone!!!

I am so excited to announce that The Hair Diary app is now available on The App Store for iPhone.

You can also download the app on Google Play for Android.

A new version of the app has been uploaded to Google Play. This version will fix any known crashes. 

If you have either app and are experiencing any crashes PLEASE send the Crash Reports so that they can be corrected!!! 
This will ensure that you have a quality app that functions properly and I as the developer can work on adding new and better features in future versions!!

Thank you for supporting The Hair Diary!!

Click either link above to Download The Hair Diary.

Android versions - 4.0.3+
iPhone versions - 8.0+

Friday, February 20, 2015

Way too long!! Updates, Android & iOS apps!!

I haven't blogged in so long I don't even know where to begin!!!

It has been since last May since my last blog post and I have been meaning to come and post updates so many times but things always get in the way! That or I just cant seem to find the words to get everything that I want to  say out properly.

First things first...

Although this is pretty apparent if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram but.....


I spent last summer teaching myself Java and Android and put out my first app in September!!

The Hair Diary

I originally put it out for Free to get a feel for how things worked and to make sure that I didnt have too many errors. I really wanted the app to be great and function as best as possible.

I have just recently put the app out on Google Play as an upgrade version!

The upgrade version has more premium features and more to be added in the future!

You can download it here--> The Hair Diary Premium

I wanted to build something that anyone could use. Something that would be useful and a great help to anyone who is or has been on a Journey to Healthier Hair!!

I thought building this app was the perfect way to do so!!

I have it out for only ANDROID at this current time.

I am working on and have been working on the iPhone version for the past few months and am hoping to have it out very soon!! Keep an eye out for it!!

Other updates

My life has been as hectic as it has always been...
The hair is great although I am still not where I would like to be length wise. My ends have been breaking off like crazy but since I have been keeping up with everything that I do to my hair with The Hair Diary app my hair is doing so much better!!

I spent a long time using this blog to document everything that I did to my hair with all of my Hair Diary posts I wanted to put something out there for anyone else who might have found that type of thing helpful.

I am very happy with it all so far and I have a long way to go before everything with the app and the website is set up the way I would like for it to be.

Thats all for now!!

If you have an Android phone or tablet please don't hesitate to download the app!!

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